Monday, March 30, 2009

Jesus as a bald 40 year old.

When Paula asked me to play the part of Jesus several weeks ago, Palm Sunday seemed so far away. Now it's next Sunday. I'm nervous and definitely appreciate prayers, as do all the cast members. Here's a great depiction of one of the scenes. Of course, it's from the world's largest online illustrated Bible at The Brick Testament.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you look like Jesus?

This is one of the many images you can find if you search online for "Jesus of Nazareth". But of course, we don't really know what Jesus looked like.

This is also not a picture of Jesus. It's Andy Alexis-Baker, who runs a great web site called Jesus Radicals. In addition to not being Jesus, Andy Alexis-Baker is also not Jacques Ellul. This:
is Jacques Ellul. He really doesn't look like either of the other pics, does he? However, because Andy was the first person I can remember speaking Ellul's name, I associate Andy with Ellul.

Ellul was a theologian and philosopher, and if you go to Jesus Radicals, you can also tell that he has had a huge influence on Andy. Andy presented Ellul to me. He did it in a way that made me want to know more. Another friend of mine, who doesn't seem to have a pic online (but he's a good looking guy, trust me) later mentioned Ellul to me as well. I wanted to know more.

Most of us probably don't look like Jesus, but we are charged with presenting him, with discussing him and explaining how he has influenced us. We have to demonstrate this, not just speak it. I'm grateful that Ellul and Andy have both taken this task seriously.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Potentially dangerous sermon illustrations.

Really, this is the only way you can think of to illustrate your sermon ideas? A bow and arrow shot during church? When will the church stop writing its own parodies?

Parishioner, pastor cited for firing bow in church

Photo: Creative Commons, Flickr user Matthew McVickar

HT to UMJeremy